Meditation, The Mortar That Holds The Bricks

Get Stronger By Staying Together.  Many of us will feel ‘spread out’ or ‘fragmented’, and want to get more control in our lives.  That starts not by adding more bricks to pile, but to solidify the one’s we have.  Calming our minds is one of the first steps in developing control of our lives, and coping with changing circumstances easier.


Having a structure to approach any project is important to it’s success. You will taken through the fundamentals of Heart-Mind Developement through Calmness - Concentration - Awareness, in that order. You will move at your own pace and made aware of thresholds along the way. Whether it is our younger students who are just starting out or our older ones who are working through the challenges of careers and relationships, you can find a path of quietedness that works for you

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The ability to focus is so important for us to successfully navigate through our lives, careers and relationships.  Without the ability to focus we can easily become distracted, disoriented and manipulated. Focusing is like weight-training for the mind, you can start somewhere small, like 3-5 minutes and build up your mental strength and stamina, which will carry over to other aspects of your life.


There are many variations to meditation that you can learn.  We teach in ways that you can sit, stand, lay down, and if you ever need it, laying down. Having versatility in your approach provides you a method to enjoy the practice in a many settings.  Besides versatility in technique, you will learn a variety of exercises that supplement your meditation training, while maintaining the same objectives. Some students prefer pragmatic meditation, others also enjoy Shaolin, Zen or other philosophical styles of meditation.  But they all start with the basics.


Meditation Training with my KungFu classmates was an experience I will never forget. The encouragement and leadership developed as we worked through stages of training was so important.  

Practicing to calm my mind right beside my son and friends was very helpful..

You can practice your meditation in the comfort of privacy, but you can also bring it out to share with others.

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